Block your email address from MailBait

Per request, MailBaits can blacklist your email such that it cannot be used on MailBait. Please enter your email address and request the BLOCK option. This address will then be reviewed for integration into the MailBait core. This does not unsubscribe you for other mail sources, or remove inbound email if you've alreay activatred MailBait in the past; but will prevent future use of your address here.

Request Email Blocking

Filter and Mitigation

IF you recieve unwanted bulk email in general, setup email filtering by keyword, whitelisting per your address book, and training your spam filters. Many bulk email will include the IP address used during singup, and this can be used to filter inbound email. It is recommended to filter to a temprorary folder for review, not directly to trash as you want a chance to process false-positives.