Frequently Asked Questions

  • Comcast/Xfinity quality of service ; "MailBait servers are down" message

    Click here to learn more of our experience with Comcast/xfinity service quality and billing inconsistencies which influences this availablity. MailBait patrons have recently observed this server and site are not always fully functional. This rant and amusing recount of poor customer service, incorrect billing, customer-owned hardware blacklisting (aka walled garden), failures to honor an established contract for the stated term, poor resources and policies for support agents, and misleading false-starts painted as 'solutions and their attempts' is a reminder to ISP's in general and explains some of the downtime. Comcast Customers will soon have additional regional options when this industry sees new players like Google Fiber enter progressively smaller markets. Stop treating your customers like crap, and start taking reponsiblity and seek effecient solutions to inneffective practices. It's 2020. Comcast: You can automate this stuff- lower the core prices as technology advances - and should reconsider the quality of your product and overall customer experience. It's recently been #craptastic for all!

  • HTTPS?

    Because of how the scripts post forms, it is advised to use MailBait without HTTPS. This allows form submissions posting to non-secured destinations to not require a warning be shown. Visit directly if you have been receiving these warnings.

  • How much does MailBait cost?

    MailBait is made available for free - offsetting operational costs by displaying ads. Thank you for disabling your adblocker to keep this site continiously available.

  • How does MailBait work?

    MailBait uses visitor submitted information as an interactive computer service. MailBait visitors identify and catalog public web forms that may send an email when submitted. Using MailBait you can pair your email with these forms in your browser and request that your browser submit the forms, resulting in inbound email.

  • How fast can I submit forms with MailBait?

    The requests you send need time to process on the other side. Sure, turn up the speed to 11 and hope the requests don't get lost in the mix; but tests show that having multiple tabs open, each running with slower requests per minute have a greater likelihood of fullfillment.

  • Who in their right mind would try to fill their inbox with email?

    MailBait users find many uses for inbound email in bulk. These can including testing your email server and mitigation processes, verifying and training your mail filters and rules, learning what other techniques and technologies other bulk mailers are using, seeding Machine Learning, and finding something new to read. Because of the large volume of potential email, MailBait does not condone using other people's email address with this service. Please treat email addresses that you don't directly control with respect and don't sign them up for spam regardless of how much you think it would be funny. Agree to, and abide by the terms of service.

  • Why do I get popups prompting for login when running MailBait?

    Indexed forms can submit to sites that prompt for a password. IF you see a password prompt popup, it's not MailBait asking for a password and you can close it, ignore it, or try your hand at a valid username/password combination.

  • Is my browser and IP information hidden from websites I submit my data to using MailBait?

    No. Your browser submitted data including referrer headers, and IP address are submitted with your requests.

  • Can I enter my primary email address into MailBait?

    Yes. You can use MailBait with any email address that is yours. It is recommended you create a separate email address to use with MailBait and then discontinue the email account when you are done reviewing the email. Some sources of email may continue to email addresses you've enter into MailBait even if you are no longer using MailBait.

  • Can I enter my personal information into MailBait?

    Yes, but hold up a second. While MailBait tends to work best if you have each field of information filled in, you are not required, or encouraged to enter personal information as MailBait has no idea how some websites use the information you submit. Consider using generic information perhaps from a fake name generator.

  • How do I remove my web form from being indexed by MailBait?

    MailBait uses visitor submitted information as an interactive computer service. This service is provided 'as is' with no warranty. If your website has been indexed by a visitor, and you wish visitors from MailBait to not interact with your page, you can change the page url, implement CAPTCHA, or implement a mechanism to reject form submissions from visitors that originate from MailBait.

  • Can I use MailBait if I'm younger then 18?

    No. If you are under 18 years of age you may not use MailBait. MailBait uses visitor submitted information as an interactive computer service. Because it is possible the submitted information can link to adult material, children may not use MailBait.

  • Can I enter another person's email address or information into MailBait?

    No. You may not use MailBait if you are soliciting email through MailBait for an email address that is not yours. TOS. Read them, abide by them.

  • Why build MailBait?

    A good tool to request lots of email from public sources did not exist in 2011. The few services that did exist sought spam or were not operational. This seeks to source more legetimate email.

  • Javascript, Cookies and Privacy?

    Cookies are used for the pro keys and features. Core features use Javascript. Disable Javascript if you want to break this site and half the internet. With regards to privacy, consider that you are pairing your email with a list of forms often sending email; you are broadcasting your email to 3rd party sources MailBait has 0% control over, and you ask about privacy? As a consolation, your visits and activity beyond the anonymized data hitting google analytics or counting who logs in and when are not logged or tracked.

  • How many forms are indexed?

    Working forms come and go, so this list and count is always changing. There have been in excess of 25,000 forms active simultaniously. Add more as you can. Some forms and sources live for years. The screenshot on the homepage demonstrates a test account vetting the viability of MailBait over several years. 102,000 email take approximatly 7.68GB, 51% of Gmail's 15GB limit.

  • Is enabling browser popups still required?

    Popups are no longer required as of late 2019. Formerly, indexed forms were submitting to some sites that used javascript to redirect MailBait after form submission, and progress would be hampered. This has been resolved, and form submission is now initiated and fully contained on a single page. Enjoy!

  • Is MailBait for sale? Can I make an offer, what do you want for it?

    MailBait is not for sale, but is entertaining bids from community users that submit more then 3,000 forms. IF you're not supporting it now, you're not serious and wouldn't maintain it. Get busy.

  • Can I have a feature like [insert request here]?

    If you have a paid account or are on the mailing list with MailBait and are lucky enough to get a pro key promotional, your feedback may be requested on features you want. More features are planned.

  • Do you work with sMoreMail?

    MailBait is not affiliated with sMoreMail. They may have borrowed some of our resources a while back, but we're better.